domenica 13 maggio 2007


While checking the error logs for SkakkiNostri, this morning, I noticed something strange. Yesterday night something like a spider crawled my site, querying the robots.txt as usual, but then it started messing with the file paths.

It tried to visit the pages listed in the web site root (e.g. /forum.aspx), but under the /admin/ folder (/admin/forum.aspx). These do not exist, so I received a notification of the 404 error.

The user agent for those request is Java/1.5.0_11, and the originating host is a dynamic IP of the Telecom Italia range. So maybe one of my user tried a lame scanning tool, but that IP was not in the http logs. How strange...

However I am starting to be annoyed by these notifications. Please, fix that scanning tool! :-)

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